In love with the Beast (#wattys2016) (Editing)

In love with the Beast (#wattys2016) (Editing)

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James Hunter is the most popular billionaire, who's known for his cold heart and ruthlessness in the world of business. Many call him the Beast. He uses He is good looks and charm to make women fall for him but he leaves them all heartbroken after he leaves them. James has never maintained a real relationship nor does he have any faith in maintaining one. He is just a business tycoon in the eyes of the legal world but he has a dark secret which remains hidden from the world.

Sarah Williams is the personal assistant of James Hunter. She lives in her own small world and is always professional with her superior. Her world is turned upside down when she finds out she has a crush on her her cold natured boss. What does fate have in-store for her? 

What is Hunters dark secret that he wishes to keep hidden from the rest of the world?

Will Sarah ever be able to show hunters how much he means to her?

Will Hunter ever allow Sarah into his life or will he treat her like he does with all the other women?

Will Sarah ever be able to accept him after finding out his dark secret?

And NO......


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Lol haha I think I know what's his dark secret!! I think he like her lol
petite98 petite98 Apr 06, 2017
Ah another werewolf story ..... I like also like the book cover....
Mohimab_1501 Mohimab_1501 Nov 29, 2016
That's exactly the name of my art teacher I hate, he always keeps me in detention in fact I just came home after him keeping me in