Loving a Killer (a Jeff. the killer romance)

Loving a Killer (a Jeff. the killer romance)

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Jillian stirred from her sleep as the bright sunlight shone through her window. She groaned and partially opened her eyes to check the date and time on her phone. It was a Monday, and there was only about five minutes until her alarm would go off. She sighed, and reluctantly got up.

It was the middle of January, so she knew that she had to dress warm. She opened her closet and picked out a long sleeved checked shirt along with black skinny jeans. She grabbed a pair of socks and some black boots.

Next, she walked to the bathroom and combed her messy brown hair. She went through her daily routine, brushed her teeth, and handled all her other needs. She debated with herself on wearing makeup, but decided that she was too tired to even attempt to put in the energy. Instead, she simply readjusted her bangs so that they covered about half of her face. Finally, she grabbed her book bag and walked in the twenty-seven degree weather to her bus stop.

Once she got there, she sat on the curb of...

ImAKawaiiRainbow ImAKawaiiRainbow Jul 04, 2017
Wow. Even if she did cut they shouldn't be making fun of her
ImAKawaiiRainbow ImAKawaiiRainbow Jul 04, 2017
This girl sounds exactly like me. My hair covers my face and I wear black skinny jeans
Tsukiko-ch4n Tsukiko-ch4n Mar 06, 2017
This is now my favorite JTK fanfic.  Adding to my Library now.
KeoWolfOnline KeoWolfOnline Feb 20, 2016
Wow... I always hide my face with my hair .... 
                              BTW I love this book so detail!
mac10514 mac10514 Feb 12, 2016
RavenQueen1600 RavenQueen1600 Jan 29, 2016
It's a slow beginning but, I like it so far. I also think Jillian needs a friend because she seems so lonely and I feel bad for her because no one in her school liked her. I can relate to that because no one in my school liked me but, lucky that I graduated high-school and made a success in life.