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Can I Do It ?! (Ereri)

Can I Do It ?! (Ereri)

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kawaiiyaoidesu6 By kawaiiyaoidesu6 Updated Apr 05

Hey guys, or should I write 
Hey Ereri fans?! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Anyway it's my first time writing ereri so please support me and tell me what you really think
~( the story is about eren's new neighbor which is levi, eren thought that Levi is the most beautiful thing in the word, and he wanted him all to his self and to be his lover, but Levi didn't want to have such a relationship, but though that he didn't want, they always touch each other like sex and care for each other just like lovers, but there is someone who loves eren and don't want him to be with Levi, 
What will happen!?
BTW Sasha is gonna be Levi's sister  and she is gonna be a yaoi fan  hahaha
Enjoy reading

Yeah you won't see him again as A Guy only as Levi, doing it ;) ;) ;) *maons Levi's name like daddy*
pizzakitty123 pizzakitty123 Sep 28, 2016
                              unless levi doing it *wiggles eyebrow* dam it no-one has the gods like captaineyebrows
LemonScentedRolePlay LemonScentedRolePlay Oct 15, 2016
Eren is me. There is this really pretty girl in school (pretty brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes) and me and my friends when we see her are just like: *whisper scream* PSSSSSST, THE PRETTY GIRL IS HERE. 
                              XD (I'm a girl fyi)
aCATontitan aCATontitan Sep 11, 2016
I was gonna type same but after seeing all the comments I think I'm gonna evaluate my life decisions and silently cry in a corner
pizzakitty123 pizzakitty123 Sep 28, 2016
Armin is a little cinnamon roll if anyone has anger issues its captain eyebrows (Erwin)
Don't because little details like that make the story more progressive and gives it a little more... not tension, but I can't think of the word... You know what I mean. Also... Same Eren... Same... I have a slight addiction to this purple sparkly ...