Trapped Under Pressure

Trapped Under Pressure

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Lilly By UnicornTalesLol Updated Jan 07

The Batfamily has an entirely new set of problems on their hands.
Dealing with an insane lunatic called Joker who seems to be plotting something and someone hunting Robin as he was prey for whatever sick game he's playing, things get tough.

A 13 Year old Dick Grayson.
A 15 Year Old Tim Drake.
A 17 Year Old Jason Todd.
A 19 Year Old Damian Wayne.

Its one of those times when the Batfamily is going through tough times. Where no matter how much they research, they can't get anything and that only proves to make matters worse.

But that doesn't mean that they will give up.

Lies are made, clues are left, pasts resurface, limits are pushed, blood is shed, and family?

The Bonds That Family Share Only Seem To Cause More Pain.

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OnlyMeAgain2 OnlyMeAgain2 Jun 18, 2017
Yo, what's with all the growling? Helped just be a dog or something.
IGracie-ChanI IGracie-ChanI Jul 02, 2017
"The World's more important than my arm."
                              - Dick Grayson, Trapped Under Pressure ~ Chapter 2
Wait but shouldn't Jason be younger than Tim if it's a reversed Batfam?
Dick sounds like me:
                              Me: *falls down, then tries to get up*. I’m fine
                              Adult: you can’t stand up, you are not fine
                              Me: finally stands up
                              I week later I learned I broke my foot
IGracie-ChanI IGracie-ChanI Jul 02, 2017
I say instead of Eldest Birdie, we put BIG BIRD! Haha Get it?
KinkajouSolace15 KinkajouSolace15 Jun 30, 2017
This is why ur still the best. As I read this for the millionth time.