Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Death of General Ima-Gun-Di

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Death of General Ima-Gun-Di

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     General Ima-Gun-Di and his clone troopers aid the Twi'lek on Ryloth. They are holding a defensive position entering to a canyon.


-1900 Hours in the System of Ryloth-

     General Ima-Dun-Di, and his clone troopers fight off the droid armies. Many clone troopers are falling.

"We must pull back!" Suggested the Twi'lek Rebellion Leader.

"No, we can hold out." Said the General

     The AT-TEs were firing their mighty cannons. Just then, Vulture droids swooped in and fired upon the AT-TEs. They quickly blew up the Vulture droids, but the debris crashed into one of the AT-TEs. General Ima-Gun-Di looked back at the AT-TE. He knew it was gone.

"Now, we pull back." He said.

    He met up with his clone Commander, Commander Keeli and the Rebellion leader.

"You must move the Twi'lek away from the canyon." The General said "Me and my clone troopers will stay at the canyon and try to slow down the droids advance. We will also call in for medical supplies."

"Ok, I will start moving ...

Silivrennial Silivrennial Nov 21, 2013
Good job! Chills from remembering that scene from reading this.