Heroes: God's End

Heroes: God's End

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(OC STORY) Heroes: God's End (Originally Heroes: Renatus before Heroes Reborn was created) is an unofficial and fan-made spin-off Novel that spans ten chapters as the protagonist, 'The Impossible Son', searches for the truth behind his origins as helpful strangers embark on his journey with him. Whilst it starts out with fresh characters, a big twist with the protagonist allows the story to intertwine with some recognisable faces.

This free-to-read fan-made novel is just under 64,000 words (Approx 400 pages for a 5x8 eBook) and is not connected to, or associated to any canonical Heroes storylines. It is a fan-made spin-off that takes place one year after the events of Season 4. This novel contains a heavy description of violence and gore, and contains moderate language. Heroes was created by Tim Kring and distributed by NBC, I do not own any of the rights to Heroes.

Dedicated to the memory of Bill Hartman - (1934-2015)

Original Storyline and Characters © Adam Sklar
Heroes Universe and Characters © Tim Kring/NBC

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