[SEARCHING FOR A NEW WRITER] Your Wings ➳ Stilinski

[SEARCHING FOR A NEW WRITER] Your Wings ➳ Stilinski

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Emily 🍒 By cherrywriting- Updated Jan 10

[Searching for a new writer for this book. Please see my last update on here for more information.]

Six years ago, Andi Hale died alongside her family from a fire inside her home. Her body was rescued before the fire turned her into ashes, but it was too late. She was pronounced dead on sight. She was only ten years old when her body was buried, and she woke up to find herself trapped between the afterlife... and the life she once had. For six years a man- still unknown to her- taught her how to control her true powers. She wasn't just a werewolf anymore, but something far more powerful.  


DISCLAIMER; All credit goes to MTV, the creators of Teen Wolf, and the director! I only made up Andi Hale, this is just my spin on Teen Wolf! This is a fanfiction! I am not way trying to steal credit for the TV series!

Season 1


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JitteNieuwkerk JitteNieuwkerk Mar 12, 2017
I love Phoebe Tonkin😫💗
                              And Dylan O'Brien Ofcourse 😫😍
bvalentine0101 bvalentine0101 Jun 27, 2016
Both Holland and Phoebe have their own kind of beautiful. And it shines out differently in each of them so it's literally impossible to call one hotter than the other.
wonderswoman wonderswoman Apr 25, 2016
Phoebe and Holland have different beauty. But they'll be hot anyways.