Phan Smut One Shots

Phan Smut One Shots

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PhanflixAndDil By PhanflixAndDil Updated Nov 21

Basically a collection of oneshots I made... If you have suggestions, just feel free to comment them!

And I write a new one every now and then, so sorry for spelling mistakes!!! 

(You will find spelling mistakes like live instead of love because autocorrect doesn't believe in love)

I'll probably start adding tags after I publish another story...i'll go through and write them all so you can decide if you would like to read it or not...XD

I want some pain kinks with phan and them.just meeting in 2009
                              Dan and Phil are shopping and Dan is acting v needy. he wants phil, but phil only wants it when they get home. after a ton of begging, phil gives in and goes to the nearest dressing room/bathroom and do da nasty ;)
lustydjh lustydjh Apr 10
Ive got one! Phil catches Dan doing...ahem..."things" and moaning Phil's name. This ends v well, also #philtops2k16
Ermm I have one! If there isn't one already as I'm only up to here could their be like a Daddy kink. But Phil tops. Like Dan could be caught doing 'something' and he is moaning Daddy or something and when him and Phil are mid sex he accidentally moans Daddy and then queue the daddy kink! Please xx
CashtonsLoveChild CashtonsLoveChild 7 days ago
At least one of these:
                              -food kink/play
                              -daddy kink
                              -student x teacher
                              -temper play
                              -glory hole
                              -video call
                              Dan sits at the back of the class writing a smutty fanfic him and Phil, when Phil grabs the book from Dan and reads it when he gets home. Then the next day they do one of the things Dan has written. Thanks