immune ↛ scömìche

immune ↛ scömìche

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〝he sighed, not speaking, and after some time, i heard his breathing slow down to a regular pace, and i couldn't tell if he was asleep. "mitch?" i said. he didn't answer, so i assumed he was. "i don't hate you," i whispered, then looked up to the pitch dark ceiling. "i think i might actually hold a big liking for you." 〞

mitch grassi can freeze time, and he wants to know what a snowflake looks like before it melts, so he does what he can do; freeze time. unfortunately, he didn't focus on the snowflake and rather on the blond stranger roaming the los angeles streets, bumping into somebody that was completely still and muttering a string of words mitch couldn't comprehend.

[completed scomiche short story]

                              Yeah Mitch... 
                              Sam sounds just like Scott 
I'm weird I write with my right hand but I'm left handed in archery and bowling
LGBTQ_Magazine LGBTQ_Magazine Aug 19, 2016
Spending, oh spending. Spending all my time... in jail #PentaholicsAreGoingToJailParty
SirenNightwalker SirenNightwalker Nov 13, 2016
                              My mind just went so far into the gutter with that particular bit of information.
Lynn4560 Lynn4560 Aug 18, 2016
I'm literally obsessed with straight outta oz, right now it's the only music that can even come close to rivaling my love for PTX
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OMG! Color is one of my fave songs off of Straight Outta Oz.