Just Like Me

Just Like Me

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Patrick Stump is a small lovesick 16 year old who has a massive crush on Pete Wentz, who just so happens to be the coolest kid at their school. 

Pete and Patrick end up in the same cabin for a school field trip, forcing them to constantly be together. What could possibly go wrong?

(I tried to make it cute I swear, but yeah lots of fluff and stuff)


love_catlings love_catlings 4 days ago
wait! Pete is athletic? I thought he was emo why isn't he inside at all times
I read that as I have crippling depression and I'm gonna kill myself
I was about to say I agree but then I read the last sentence
love_catlings love_catlings 4 days ago
Perfect boys don't fall from the sky?! I'm guessing u HAVENT met Josh Dun, Tyler Joseph, or Brendan Urie yet have u?
I look like a disabled goose with it's head on fire whenever someone makes me play a sport.
Memeonline Memeonline Mar 08
Pretty. Odd. hm fuk now i feel like listening to the whole Album thanks a lot guys