Just Like Me

Just Like Me

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Patrick Stump is a small lovesick 16 year old who has a massive crush on Pete Wentz, who just so happens to be the coolest kid at their school. 

Pete and Patrick end up in the same cabin for a school field trip, forcing them to constantly be together. What could possibly go wrong?

(I tried to make it cute I swear, but yeah lots of fluff and stuff)


XxbanterxX XxbanterxX 6 days ago
I honestly thought it said "I want him to sit ON me" like same bro
I wish. Every guy I have a crush on must fall from the sky. Gosh
Ok explain
                              Patrick stump
                              Pete Wentz
                              Joe trohman
                              Tyler Joseph
                              Joshua dun
                              Brendon urie
                              Ryan Ross'
                              Dallon weekes 
                              Andy hurley
                              Gerard way
                              Frank iero
                              Mikey way
                              Ray toro
"...and that my children was the start of an amazing band...with a Hiatus in between...but that's another story for another time"
killjoy_hf killjoy_hf Jan 25
Things are shaping up to be pretty odd 
                              Little deaths and musical beds
                              So it seems I'm someone I've never met
well considering that you 'hate' pete... you're not really wrong