In Love With the Enemy

In Love With the Enemy

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"You thought you could beat me. You said that you were unbeatable," the cynically voice of his was what drove her tears into mists on her dried skin, flushing her cheeks red from the thunderous rain that began to run down again. His shallow hard body stood across from her, distancing their bodies by just a peak. With his hands gripped onto her shoulders, he shook her wildly. "You said you'd ruin me, but look at you! You might've took my throne, you might've destroyed some parts of me, but look who's at the mid point of her destruction!" 

The silence passed on them, but the only words she graved under were spoken. 

"We meet for a reason, either your a blessing or a lesson." 

And oh, what an aphotic and rayless lesson he was.


Manu, a sixteen year old religious girl, never came through such an obstacle as the one she was destined in now. With Allah being the watcher, the helper, the guider, and the protector, truly He is the one that knows best to give a person a reward or test.

 Zeerak Noor , an eighteen year old boy, had escaped from his precious Lord since he couldn't put back the pieces of his broken family. Instead of coping with others or seeking the help of Allah, he finds his way out by making people feel terrible about themselves. 

Manu was a challenge. With her snarky comments, her big head, and her cunningness, it was all enough for Zeerak to put her to his challenges. But little did he know, not only was he putting her down, but he was making things even worse for him too.

Time lapses, but instead of a dark and stormy heart he had strength. 
Time lapses, but instead of strength, she had the dark stormy heart. 

A true story of bullying, forgiving and forgetting, morals , understanding love, and most importantly God. 

©Copyright 2016 -- This book is 100% all mine. Any copy of this book, either same plot, description, or plagiarism will be reported immediately.

Cover by: @HornsOfARebel

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ibnkhalid ibnkhalid Jun 22, 2018
Gasp. What? Really? Soph.. i didnt know you were a polyglot! And that mix of cultures is just mindblowing!
PowerOfTheHijab PowerOfTheHijab Aug 26, 2017
Your book looks very captivating to read. The description was mind blowing. I cannot wait to read
rosegold1326 rosegold1326 Jun 28, 2018
A lot of my friends are reading your book so I decided I might give it a shot. 😀
Hunnybuns767 Hunnybuns767 Jul 03, 2016
But also very sad to think about the end of the first book 😭
Thazbook Thazbook Mar 06, 2017
You speak Italian french n Greek oh and you speak little bit of urdu how come..
HornsOfARebel HornsOfARebel Jul 03, 2016
THIS IS ACTUALLY COMING OUT! I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!!! ❤️❤️❤️