The Girl With The Blue Eyes (BW & WM)

The Girl With The Blue Eyes (BW & WM)

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Jordyn Steele By BBG_Jordyn_ Updated Jan 18

At first I didn't have a description for this book.

But for the past twenty six chapters I have, my fans have told me what they think of my book.

I highly recommend this book if you like plot twist and LOVE LOVE LOVE DRAMA!!!! There's something new to find out about someone in almost every chapter.

Hope you enjoy loves  (BWWM & WWBM)


Kakashi136 Kakashi136 Nov 28, 2016
My mom eyes are brown but have a thin blue ring around her iris
HeteroLlama HeteroLlama Aug 11, 2016
This is a fvcking micro aggression and if I was her I won't even speak to those bitches again
Germs317 Germs317 6 days ago
Well Nicca there is a lot of black people with blue eyes and we got green all type of colors lol
KarineESSO KarineESSO Aug 19, 2016
You don't choose the name your parents gave you. I just think it's a shame to judge people by their names a name is a name just because you have an "American"/European name doesn't define the kind of person you are or the way you act.
valleychick1 valleychick1 Dec 25, 2016
My granddad eyes changes colors, green to blue vice versa...he's creole
AvengerForever AvengerForever Aug 12, 2016
I didn't know you could do this at schools!! Whenever we get our classes there's no changing unless you want to drop the class and make up for it the next semester.