The Girl With The Blue Eyes (BW & WM)

The Girl With The Blue Eyes (BW & WM)

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Jordyn Steele By The_Players_Daughter Updated Jul 26

"You don't like white guys cause you haven't been with one that'll treat you right." Says the player of the school.

I roll my eyes at this dirty blonde haired boy that was named Ashton.... Ashton Diamond at that.

"I only date black boys and you for certain aren't black. So good bye Mr. Diamond." I turn away only to be snatched back where I'm staring into his green-grey eyes.

If I only knew that in that moment I would be tied to the player for life. If only I knew that he would be the father of my kids, the person I married, the person who helped me find someone and my protector. 

If only he didn't know me as The Girl With The Blue Eyes

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Not really joking though^^^Like then don't f*ck wit me if my name ghetto df
lol_3467 lol_3467 Aug 09
My grandpa has a blue ring around his eye , and my aunt has hazel eyes, my mom just has Indian features
Donna313 Donna313 Aug 16
It's no better than black tho cuz we not black we're brown 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️💀💀 even the darkest ones are still brown
futurelane futurelane Jul 27
Impossible...  No one has the same schedule in high school..  This one girl thought I had all her classes wit her...  But relly I had 2 classes with her n my twin sister had 2 classes wit her....😂😂😂
Bish its eye color. No one gives a damn. Miss me with that bull💩
I did my son like that on the first of high school. happy they get to wear uniforms.