Loving Him

Loving Him

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s.y By intricatee Updated Apr 25

Yvonne Smith has always been intrigued by Chris Johnson. He was unlike anybody she had ever seen or known, he was kind but yet mysterious in a way. 

Yvonne hadn't known what falling in love felt like but yet she loved somebody who she didn't know fully but the little things she knew about him was enough to make him unlike anyone else.

To her since the moment that she first laid eyes on him she knew that he was something special and since that day she had been attracted to him.

But what she didn't know was that with Chris Johnson came many obstacles.


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Woah this was the longest, run-on sentence I've ever seen! Where's the commas girl!
Pinktblue Pinktblue May 07
Sounds like me about a cute athlete in my college....he graduated though😭😖
Pinktblue Pinktblue May 07
If you don't stink I don't think it matters, I don't usually do morning showers, unless it is that time of the month or if I'm sweaty
royalsei royalsei Aug 16
My face is to sensitive so even if I wanted to wear makeup I would break and look gross
How do you not have the energy to get in the car but have the energy to walk
Nah boo, showers night and morning! Tbh I just wouldn't find myself clean