Jealous? Garroth, Laurance, Aaron, Dante X Reader

Jealous? Garroth, Laurance, Aaron, Dante X Reader

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Angie Zhang By AngelaZhang603 Completed

Your new in Phoenix Drop and 4 Guys have already fallen in love? Who? With none other than you. Your a mischievous catgirl who likes pranks and making guys be jealous. Also you love kit-kats...

Your actually half goddess, but no one thinks you are since your a half human half cat, but the desendant you are from is the Cat God Liana, The Most Powerful but most mysterious one. 

Your powers are unknown but you find out about them throughout the book!

YN = Your Name
FC = Favorite Color 
SFC = Second favorite color
HC = Hair Color
EC = Eye color

Optional Look:
Blond hair
Pinkish purplish eyes.
Black cat ears and tail

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Probably the kit-kit wrappers ._. sorry i just hide all the wrappers.. I never threw them in the trash can
- - Mar 25
I think I know where they are. It's that tree were aph would meet garroth in her dreams which weren't actually dreams
deste_4real deste_4real Jul 27
what about jerrry-kats for all those samgladiator fans out therr
Rainbowgamer64 Rainbowgamer64 Jul 05, 2016
XD FIRST THOUGHT WAS....... D..did I eat too many kitkats Q~Q also XD IT REMINDS ME OF FAIRYTAIL
Mystery_Roleplay Mystery_Roleplay Jul 29, 2016
I can't use my own name!?!? Because then I'll be the master!!
- - Feb 06
No I didn't eat to many kit kats *Stuffing her face with kit kats*
                              I.....have a problem......