Flame Inside of Me

Flame Inside of Me

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Jane Black By JaneBlack9 Completed

There was a time about a year ago when I could feel that fire within me singing praise fo Jesus. It would burn inside me. A warmth nothing could possibly replace. I smiled all the time. I was not afraid or ashamed. I walked proud with my head held high. I was a child of God and proud of it. He was my father.

My friend. 

My healer. 

I loved Him with all of my heart. Nothing could bring me down. Nothing.

  Then, I changed. I started to get more and more insecure. I was terrified of what people thought about me. I felt that flame inside me slowly get dimmer and smaller. Part of me grasped on to it in desperation to keep it. I lost the battle. I sank into a depression that no one could see. I believed that no one cared about me. That no one loved me. I started cutting. I would constantly put myself down. I didn't think I mattered. My flame was gone. I cried in sorrow everytime I sang my fake praise to God. For a while, I couldn't sing at all. My voice, my love was gone. I hardly smiled...