Gangleader wants Me

Gangleader wants Me

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James Bail is a drug lord. Didn't take shit from no one. He is collecting a dept. but the man has nothing but his daughter, so James takes her as collateral until the man can pay of his dept.

Grim Santos (reaper), wild child with a mouth of a sailor. She likes to have fun, enjoy things in the moment no matter what the consequences are. She is a family person, she would do anything for her family.

Mature language

Sexual language 

A lot of cussing!

Mostly everyone is saying Justin Bieber but im here thinking Jason Bourne...
Man I remember I was sleeping in my moms room cause my room was super hot So i woke up at 2 am to screaming and i looked at the tv amd that was on
booscaredu booscaredu Jun 18
Its Justin f'ing Beiber. Hide yo kids and close ur doors this is the start of the Apocalypse 
I literally just read a book with a main character name Felix before I start reading this one 😂
LizettGCC LizettGCC Jul 21
Never read a book that started wth the lyrics of Band Bang by Jessie J
-lorenx- -lorenx- Jul 30
Bigbang ..... everyone is like Jessie j but I started with the kpop