LIES (A TicciMask Fanfiction)

LIES (A TicciMask Fanfiction)

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CAN U FEEL THE GAY 2NITE By Yandere4MyOTP Updated Oct 17, 2016

Rated PG13/R: violent content, inappropriate language, and (maybe) sex

Tim Sutton. One of the two survivors of the Marble Hornets. After three years he was able to pick up his life and piece it together. Then he met Toby, a 20 year old with tourettes and strangely has the same issues Tim had when being followed by the faceless man known as The Operator. With that, being restalked, and falling in love with Toby, how can Tim protect himself, Toby, and Lyra without doing the one thing that ended up getting Jay killed?


Toby Rodgers. There have been many close calls in his life. Surviving a car crash, surviving his father, and surviving the fire that should've killed them all. Toby and his older sister Lyra moved away after the fire, which killed his dad. But after meeting his neighbor, Tim, the twitching male has been having relapses of something that happened years ago. The more he uncovers, the less he will be able to understand what's going on. Will Toby be able to untangle himself within this web of lies?

I own neither Marble Hornets or Ticci Toby. Marble Hornets belongs to Troy, Joseph, and Tim. Ticci Toby and his story belongs to his writer, Kastoway. Cover created by the ever so lovely @TheLovelySardonyx

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charakiling charakiling Jul 01, 2017
If Toby knows sign language then is he deaf plz answer ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
jasmine3591 jasmine3591 Jun 19, 2016
Yay cuz that means the fab Lyra and the flippin awesome Toby are alive!!! :D yay
- - Oct 18, 2016
omg im in love with this book now 
                              amputee!lyra is my favorite thing now
- - Oct 18, 2016
idk if this should concern me with an 8 year age gap but whatever lmao