Age of Darkness

Age of Darkness

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Brandon By Keimaro Completed

Age of Darkness is the story of Keimaro Hayashi, a young man tormented and shunned for reasons unknown to him. When his village is attacked and his adopted family slaughtered, Keimaro must join with his only friend, Yata, to find vengeance for those he loved most. Hounded by a terrorist organization known as the Bounts, Keimaro travels far from his simple, shielded home into a world filled with espionage, magic, and betrayal. He gains allies along the way-others who have been wronged by the Faar Empire and who possess mystical powers that offer unique possibilities. Along the way, he faces temptation in the form of the enchanting Princess Aika and his own dark desires to overthrow the very gods who condemned his people. Keimaro faces the demon within himself and presses on, learning that vengeance can be found in many forms. Age of Darkness is about one man's struggle to find the good within himself and to protect those he loves. 

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