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Seven Deadly Messages

Seven Deadly Messages

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Cinnamon Roll By Favorited_Batterie Updated Jun 27, 2016

[So this is inspired by Fairy Tail Text and Ouran High School Host Club Texts, both made by NinjaGo_KJLC2. You should go check them out!]
-User Ban has invited users King,Meliodas,Merlin,Escanor,Gowther,Diane to the Chat-
Ban: Yo

Ban: Merlin how did you get a hold of these??

Merlin: I have my sources. :)

Ban: Well that can't be good

Escanor: You respect what ever Lady Merlin says!

Diane: Merlin, thanks again for increasing the size of the phone!

Ban: Merlin is getting allll the attention, she must be enjoying herself

Meliodas: guysssss, how do you do the capital letters??

King: Captain, you have to press the arrow pointing upwards.

Ban: Not the one on top right corner.

-User Meliodas has mass kicked users Ban,King,Merlin,Escanor,
Gowther, Diane-

Meliodas: There we go.

Meliodas: Guys? GUYS?!

-User Gowther has rejoined the chat-

Gowther: You mass kicked us all, but no worries.

-User Meliodas has changed the group name to Grope Chat-

Gowther: Ni...

Wait... I thought only 2 seasons were out????? And escanor is still yet to be found?????
Blade-Of-Spirit Blade-Of-Spirit Dec 01, 2016
PFFFFFFFFT wouldn't he be the one who would never turn the caps OFF, tho?
sansyd sansyd Feb 19
What I would do if my friends was being flirted with or is getting with the guy I like