Spray Painting & Detentions || Kellic ✅

Spray Painting & Detentions || Kellic ✅

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Kellin Quinn Bostwick is your typical trouble maker, doesn't give two f*cks about what he does and he's a funny asshole as well as the rest of his friends. He's basically the tormentor of the staff in his school. One day the principal of the school announces that he will no longer be the principal of that school and in his place will be Victor Fuentes. What happens when he takes a more interest in Principal Fuentes?


This is a different type of TeacherxStudent as you see :3

This idea came from a friend ( @AnonymoulyBeautiful ) she's spectacular and if you want to go check her out :3 She also created the cover so yay :3 Also the title idea.

I hope you enjoy


Yeah I can't write smut either it makes me uncomfortable also,like I can read it but can't write it and its fine if you don't want to and it makes you uncomfortable then don't write it you do you.
Randomfxck38 Randomfxck38 May 05, 2016
Why is this the best book because this book has all the ships that will become true one day? I already love this book
Pastelpink7 Pastelpink7 May 27, 2016
It took me a moment to realize this was Andy from BVB we are talking about 😂
ptv-ashe ptv-ashe Sep 29, 2016
Um did like Mike and Tony switch personalities or something ? 😂
lolyourenotjoelbirch lolyourenotjoelbirch Jun 14, 2016
Ok so it's Biersack,I was kinda hoping it was going to be Andy Glass
lacie12884 lacie12884 May 21, 2016
So is the group FOB or BVB they both great but they each have an Andy in there group