♨ rivals ^ nalu [ Editing... ]

♨ rivals ^ nalu [ Editing... ]

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➵ She was smart and beautiful. Everyone loves her and she was at the top. Well... until he came and destroyed everything for her. 

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*was called "hey juliet"

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soulxrss soulxrss Jan 04
i fell in love once, the relationship ended with them telling me to go kms. so yeah! in my opinion, i have to agree with the last part of your sentence lucy!
_lovemyself_19 _lovemyself_19 3 days ago
Sometimes I hate people who think they great and no one can beat them.. Bbbbbuuuuttt I don't hate Lucy being that tho.. She's really smart
Have you not seen Justin Bieber's movie, "Never Say Never"?
                              (Just commenting made me feel-Uck! My old best friend dragged me to see that movie for her birthday when it first came out.)
KawaiiHinataUzumaki KawaiiHinataUzumaki Sep 15, 2017
It'd actually be Mrs. Vermillion (V)
                              Because miss.Long (that's my teacher's name. Ms. Long) doesn't makes sense, and "mrs" not "ms" because Zervis
_jimin_x_jungkook_ _jimin_x_jungkook_ Jun 27, 2017
Hehehehe...he I need a new mind that not dirty but the name Mrs. V hehehehe... who wants to trade minds
Loiscamacho Loiscamacho Oct 18, 2017
Feedback for Lucy 
                              The other chapter: I think love is stupid blah blah blah *girly voice*
                              This chapter: Lucy is blushing 😊 THIS IS CALLED A STAGE OF HAVING ACRUSH ON SOMEONE
                              and soon enough you wi-
                              Cough* i mean nvm