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♧ : When life gives you lemon, give them a squeeze, but if they burn through your cuts, let them go at ease.


°'This is a story of a young girl who has been hidden all her life. No one knows of her, only her parents. Her father was not the best man in the world in her eyes. Being under her father for years until he finally got tired and left made Geeyah breathe a fresh air of relief, but it doesn't stop there. Once her mother blames her for the leaving of her father. Her mother does anything to cause Geeyah the pain and suffering and isn't hard to do since no one knows of her and she can't cry for help. Being a mixture of Arabian and African-American has made the family of shame. Geeyah's grandparents are the only ones besides her parents who knows of her, but they live in New York in America. She meets new people, some good, some bad. Some stable, some mentally unstable. It's possible to get away from things physically, but is it mentally? 

❁.Free Geeyah.❁

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U can buy iPhones but won't buy ur daughter a new mattress ☕️🙄
This is obviously Geeyah’s grandparents they’re in Bronx but Geeyah is in Saudi Arabia with her mom 😭 read fam... read
KekePeach KekePeach Jul 05
Little does he knows that bitch got her daughter locked up somewhere. Smh
An hour no condom that don't matter it's still wrong she been don't there for 2 yrs?🤔😮
Nah yah ain't nothin either. Always spoutin off to call girls names but u just haven't met the right one yet
People ask me why I am ashamed of this human race
                              This is why