Sunshine - Juuzou x Reader

Sunshine - Juuzou x Reader

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Alex By Alex_Is_Fabulous Updated Jul 26

She was kidnapped at a very young age, but never learned this information. She always was told she was just adopted. Who 'adopted' her? Two ghouls-- rich ones, too. 

They can't let her go to a regular school. It's dangerous. Someone might find out that her parents are ghouls and she's a human! They simply homeschool her, but they feel awful due to the fact that she can't make a single friend.

One day, her parents take her to meet a young boy a year older then her. His name? Rei Suzuya. Y/N would come and speak to him an hour or so before his...fight. She was a very comforting girl. She would rarely stay after his fights, because she just can't handle watching what pain he has to go through...but when she does, she sings him a song. You Are My Sunshine. It brings a smile to his face and no more tears would come. A year goes by, and they are amazing friends. What happens when one day, the Doves enter in the middle of a fight and take away the only two humans left there into their custody?

GrannyTetsu GrannyTetsu Feb 16
You are my sunshine~
                              My only sunshine~
                              You make me happy~
                              When skies are grey~