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Park Chanyeol and (L/N) (Y/N) never met even if they went to the same school for years. But what happens when he notices her for the first time? He goes through the struggle of trying to find her name on his own. Ignoring the people who tell him to give up on a stranger he hasn't even spoken to. Will he give up? Even if he does find out, what's next?

 [Park Chanyeol X Reader]

WARNING: This story is not written professionally. Any spelling/grammar mistakes shall be ignored... Unless I fix them. 

Thank you for reading & please feel free to comment! Don't be shy! I enjoy reading them! 

No.....that's what my usual voice sound like when somebody calls me
Lemme correct that to *It was my boyfriend,Baekhyun* 
                              Sorry i ship Chanbaek tooooooo much
Baekhyun is basically one of my friends except less annoying
                              She follows me so much, it's annoying -_-
Well you should have been stealing his bacons and kkaebsongs for revenge
MintDaddy MintDaddy Jul 24
Wait I didn't read this yet but I feel like her dad works at SM or smth
No, that's just my natural tone, not meant for k-pop idols in school, that tone is for other idiots. :)