Cold Hearted

Cold Hearted

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Anxiousdandelion By Anxiousdandelion Updated Jul 12, 2017

Two wolves from completely different worlds are fated together.

Maxton is a Alpha known for being ruthless and vicious

Aurora is a pack doctor-in-training known for causing trouble.

Thanks for reading!

(Summary is terrible, the actual book is better I hope.)

Previously titled Alpha Ricci.

ThugBear6 ThugBear6 Oct 15, 2017
What a Hobbes thing to say (for those of you who know any political theory)
butterfly-beauty butterfly-beauty Apr 04, 2016
Omg Im loving this book! First chapter and already hooked😌
believe-and-dream believe-and-dream Mar 12, 2016
I thought she was a only child !!? Don't get me wrong I freaking love this book and the writing techniques thee really good!:)
rudolph21 rudolph21 Apr 01, 2016
I like the voice in your writing.(the way the author speaks) There is a LOT of authors on here that have a readable and understandable voice in their stories as well, but there is A LOT more that make the story very confusing and add unnecessary vocabulary.
Just-A-Book-Lover Just-A-Book-Lover May 13, 2016
Wow, I didn't know she was Obi-Wan Kenobi! Well, the more you know, I guess ^~^
ALGraham ALGraham Apr 10, 2016
Ok question. If Bianca is the red head they were talking to and she came over with her parents, her parents would be the alphas than correct?