Challenging a homophobic heart

Challenging a homophobic heart

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Vincent Thorne had loved Lucas Holden from the moment he laid eyes on him fourteen years ago. Fourteen years ago, their relationship ended on a bitter note amidst a lot of drama. Then years later, fate brings the two together when Lucas was shot while covering for his brother and he ended up in the same hospital where Vincent worked. Due to conflicted emotions and past regrets, Vincent ended up getting personally involved in treating Lucas. What he didn't expect out of that was to end up becoming Lucas's husband to whom Lucas transferred all his money and property when he was sick and delirious. It was all courtesy of some manipulative, influential people who could break apart Vincent's life if Vincent disagreed to their plan of keeping Lucas's money from him. It was all supposedly for Lucas's safety. They needed Vince to stall Lucas for a month.

Being forced to act husband with a homophobe who'd rather have him dead, Vincent recalled his challenge to Lucas fourteen years ago to win his heart. When said devil turns up with the intention of killing him literally, accusing him of dwindling his money under duress, Vincent suggests a better way for Lucas to get back his money without resorting to murder. They would go on thirty dates, each date worth 1/30th of Lucas's money being returned to him. At the end of the thirty days, if Vincent didn't win his challenge, he'd not only agree to divorce Lucas but also give up every last penny he had in his name to Lucas. 

But things weren't so simple as that. Lucas had to make it more in his favour. Half of the thirty dates would be on his terms and Vincent couldn't disagree no matter what he proposed. If at any point he backed out, the agreement was going to be cancelled and Lucas will get back all his money and the divorce he wanted. Well, it was a tough bargain.

AN: This story is rated "R". It contains sexual interactions between two men and some BDSM scenes. You've been warned. Cover credit goes to Jan1724 :).

jsewell456 jsewell456 Jul 14
Hi I just wanna say this is my third time rereading this book from the beginning, because it is my FAVORITE book on wattpad by far and I just want to say thank you for writing this book and for being an author. Please never stop writing
I've read this so many times already and I'm in love with the whole book
ashtonista ashtonista Aug 11
Shi t yes now i remember how Lucas mom made him dress like a girl its him
This guy is a total loser but in my eyes money makes him look super hotttt "marry me" think of it like am looking out for my future
Skatle3 Skatle3 Sep 05
I'm trying to remember if it was explained where the obsession with cleanliness comes from...
Ahya well this was a shipwreck maybe he should just go to Paris and go to church and repent The Lord our God would like that