The upsides and downsides of being a girl       *~ON HOLD~*

The upsides and downsides of being a girl *~ON HOLD~*

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Naturally Supernatural By cleverbunny15 Updated Oct 29

This is a book filled with bad things and good things about being a girl.
    I know that all us ladies would agree with many of the complaints and compliments of being female that are in this book so please feel free to comment your thoughts! :)
    This great cover was made by @LynxtheParadox !!!!

NadiSenpai NadiSenpai Apr 30
It's also like this in my school, I'm a tomboy as well as being a normal girl, and when I play sports for example football, If I kick the ball wrong way the boys start complaining on me. But when boys do it they are like 'chill bruh it's ok'. I'm like 'what the hell! '
Yes! Society really needs to think about gender equality rather than throwing people down
Yep.. I get judged by all the girls. This is why my only freinds In my class are boys.
Matsukitty Matsukitty Feb 18
Yes! Gender equality! I mean, seriously, what's the difference?
I can relate because this just recently freaking happened to me! I don't even date anybody!
@gflyspn Ohh I'm sorry! Maybe I can help. What's your friend's problem?