The Hole in the Floor (Book One of the Valois series)

The Hole in the Floor (Book One of the Valois series)

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Gemma Lawrence By GemmaLawrence31 Completed

Not every Princess lives Happily Ever After....Even once they marry the Prince of their Dreams...

"I was dull, dull and shadowed, always looking as though I should have been in the background.
I was the one married to the prince, I was not the one he loved."

This is the story of Catherine De Medici, princess of France...Queen of France.

As a young girl, Catherine came from Italy to marry a stranger, only to fall helplessly in love with Henri, prince of France... her own husband. Her devotion to him lasted a lifetime...but Catherine was not the only woman in his life.

Henri loved another, and Catherine must watch as the love she longs for is given only to her husband's mistress, the cold, calculating and elegant Diane de Pointers.

Through war, death, rebellion and intrigue, Catherine tells her story of her undying love for her husband...and of every test that love was put to. 

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NaiadFury NaiadFury Dec 15, 2017
Pls tell me this is not going to turn out to be a tragedy; cause I don't think I'll be very happy if the tables don't turn somehow...😓
NaiadFury NaiadFury Dec 15, 2017
I wish I had a song right now to sing to you; but my dear princess just keep strong the winds of change will come soon.
suga9scupin suga9scupin Aug 28, 2017
I already love the story...just bracing up for the emotional roller coaster @GemmaLawrence31
NaiadFury NaiadFury Dec 15, 2017
There, There'll be okay...I am sure his shaft will fall off oneday 😈
ElisabethBoleyn ElisabethBoleyn Jul 26, 2017
hey, i was just wondering, did you base this story on leonie frieda's biography of catherine de medici? it is so accurately told that it seems like a fiction adaptation of the biography? anyways, it's really well written, you're very talented!
jnleugim jnleugim Apr 20
This is sad. I am an avid fan of true love. I hope the author gives justice to this poor lady being torn piece by piece and degrading herself because of a loveless marriage.