Geekishly Perfect | Nalu

Geekishly Perfect | Nalu

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Lucy Heartfilia is a straight A student,with her IQ up in the satisfactory; she is elegant yet, intelligent. Lucy tends to hang out with the 'misfits' or 'nerds' even though, she could pick which group she wanted to be in. Lucy is referred to as a 'geek' since, she lacks confidence and, ignores those who attempt to ask her out. Even though Lucy is known as an: unfashionable or socially inept person, she is extremely beguiling. 

Natsu Dragneel is known as: 'The Wealthy Jock.' He generally has poor grades, driving a nice car as if he earned it, hitting on all the 'grande horizontale' girls and getting attention because of his sell-out style and flashy white teeth. 

Natsu believes Lucy is 'interesting' and, begins to pick on her; just to get close to her. After spending time with her, he realizes that Lucy is: Geekishly Perfect. 

(CC) Hiro Mashima

You know what I'm just gonna stop before I say something imma regret
Welp mira i owe you for making them together....NALU!!! Yass
xBarelyRoseyx xBarelyRoseyx 6 days ago
Wow, suddenly Lucy's grown a bushy mustache and wears green overalls. Nice. 😂
Yes. Congratulations, she us Mario's brother with a mustache
Seriously.😑 I just congratulated you and you say you this. Wow Natsu
Well you'll say tat now but u will love~~~ him *wis:- soon enough*