One Piece Oneshots

One Piece Oneshots

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Storybook for all the One Piece lovers and just for people who like fanfiction about killer hot pirates. Writing's a bit floppy, but as long as you don't mind it, it's okay. I can also promise that I'll get better over the time. Slowly. But still.

Some of the stories may have talk about things like suicide, bullying, drugs and so on. I have added warnings to most of their beginning which are, but not to all.

This book is completed and I won't accept any requests anymore. The characters from One Piece don't belong to me, but to Eiichiro Oda. 

I have also posted a lot of fanart I found on internet, but I wasn't able to find creators of them all. So I wasn't able to give them credit. If you see a work of art you know the creator of, please let me know so I can either take the art down or add author's name to it. Thank you.