My Super Dramatic High School Life (Editing)

My Super Dramatic High School Life (Editing)

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"When will you freakin admit it?!""What are you talking about?!""You know quite well what I'm talking about ,Joe. I'm talking about Jessy !!"
"what about her?!""Bro, we've been friends since kindergarten !! Just admit it!!" "Admit what?!"
"Admit it!!" I said stressing on each and every letter.
"Okay fine ,Alex!!If that will make you freakin shut up" Joe said furiously

Meet Jessy Parker your typical teenage geek, she is obsessed with Technology, cars and Hoodies (Okay not so typical ), she's the smartest in her school (or that's what she thought), She only has a couple of friends that she cares about too much ,but she thinks nothing in life is worse than High school.   

But what Happens after she bumps into Joe Clarks the school's Mr.Popular?! and Harry Adams her new neighbour?! 
Will she ever find the true meaning of love and friendship?!and most importantly will she ever change her mind about high school?!  
Join Jessy in her rollercoaster  ... in other words her super dramatic life

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FabChild FabChild May 09, 2016
Am I the only one who thought of Harry Potter singing in Harry Potter Puppet Pals "the mysterious ticking noise"
oncer_for_life_23 oncer_for_life_23 Jul 12, 2016
Same! I'm reading like four books rn including this two not on wattpad. I read an entire book last night start to finish
                              I don't have a problem
BrandoRowland1 BrandoRowland1 Jan 27, 2016
Amazing story im obsessed probally best story ive ever read... and she reminds me if me... im exactly like that but I dont bump into boys only into walls! Everything else is exactly the same!!!
Nashos Nashos Jul 15, 2013
@lollypop1818 well, thank you for the vote and the comment, too, I'm really trying my best in adding details to the chapters, I guess you'll find some improvement as you go through the chapters, Thanks again :D
LinaFakahany LinaFakahany Jun 13, 2013
hehehehe I dont know why I'm laughing but its funny I like it Harry Adams LOL :D
                              try to make chapters a little bit longer and UPDATE plz
LinaFakahany LinaFakahany Jun 13, 2013
I like it I hope chapter 2 has more details 
                              thumbs up Nas :P