Avengers Preferences

Avengers Preferences

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scarlett styles By michaelsleftshoe Updated Nov 22, 2016

Okay so I'm doing this!
  This will include:

> Tony Stark: Iron Man
> Steve Rogers: Captain America
> Bruce Banner: the Hulk
> Clint Barton: Hawkeye
> Natasha Romanoff: Blackwidow
>Wanda Maximoff: Scarlet Witch
>Pietro Maximoff: Quicksilver
> Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier

This will Be mainly preferences but I will also add in some one shots every now and then.

if the title has a:
 * then it will either contain smut or mentions of smut
!! strong language
^ violence

Please enjoy and i am taking all requests!

leviloverforever6368 leviloverforever6368 Sep 13, 2016
Are they the s'mores flavor? Because I will fite you for them.😣
GhostCatcoon GhostCatcoon Nov 29, 2016
But she's sokovian , isn't she? Nat's Russian but Wanda isn't
Loki4ev Loki4ev Sep 08, 2016
Damnnnnn that was hot and funny 😂😂😂 but not thor tho
TheGirlWithTheTatoo TheGirlWithTheTatoo Jul 06, 2016
Dont wprry they were great. The bucky one was my favorite *.*
nstarr81803 nstarr81803 Sep 03, 2016
so important. all y'all be like "awww" but like for real tho this is so important
JadeImmanuella JadeImmanuella Nov 08, 2016
so baby this is what your soulmate look like.. i taste good right