The Sleepy Type (OHSHC)

The Sleepy Type (OHSHC)

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BishoujoOtaku By dofairieshavetails24 Updated Jun 06

When Mika was a young boy he found his dead and watched the only person he ever loved, his brother, die. That night he gets a 9-talied fox demon sealed inside him. After his brother dies Mika isolates himself from society. What happens when hundreds of years later he meets the host club? 
Read to find out.

This will be a yaoi story. If you don't like then don't read.

Also there may be some violent scenes so if they bother you then don't read.

You have been warned.

I do not own Ouran High School Host Club

Eats ramen noodles in front of hidden noodle collection while staring at Kokkuri-san 
I think what scares me us his first name if my first name and my name is soent exactly the same
dead_lilli dead_lilli Apr 25
                              no one takes my spicy food. Cept wasabi. Don't like wasabi.
Same as Karma (B)Akabane and Itona Horibe, also the same as Honey and Kyoya. Remind me to Never wake them up
                              I now know another person who hates me
                              *eating direct chili peppers with Korean hot sauce*
Hidden_2 Hidden_2 Feb 22
Ummm if he's a blood type AB and he's sleepy isn't that bad or....