Something Sweet (Hinny Fanfiction)

Something Sweet (Hinny Fanfiction)

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Book 2 of the Something Flowery series.

Harry and Ginny were Soulbonded at a young age, and forced into a battle that seemed as hopeless as life itself. When a darkness leaks into their lives, will it tear them apart? What about their friends, and the ones who wished to be more? Will they be able to balence everything out? And most importantly, will they be able to uphold the responsibility of being in a relationship with one another? Or will they have to take drastic measures? Measures that could include either broken hearts, or binding rings.

If you just saw this story and wish to read it, but haven't read the story before it, you should probably go and read that one first so it makes more sense to you. This mentions the other book a lot. It's called 'Something Flowery'

The cover fanart is not mine. The art is by Lulu's Art Blog.

The Bond idea comes from a mash between the Vampire Academy Bond and that type of fanfiction for ships there is called Soulbond, but I made the idea up myself and it's pretty much completely original. Please don't steal the idea, unless you change it completely like I did with the Vampire Academy Bond. It took me forever to come up with all the little details and I'm super proud of myself for making this newer type of Hinny Bond fanfiction.

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As soon as I saw fifteen I was like "ok fifth year" then I was all like " YEET UMBRIGE"
Mad eye Moody, hence the name he is Mad and extremely moody
                              (Had to say that)
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Cuz when your 15 and somebody tells you they love you you're going to believe them~ fifteen by Taylor Swift. Sorry I had to do that. Lol
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Aww. This paragraph is so sweet! Can this happen to me please?
Not trying to be annoying, but I thought I'd let you know that "anyways" isn't a word. It would be anyway. Btw this is already an amazing chapter!