If Sonic Had Facebook..

If Sonic Had Facebook..

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Anonymoustaco By Anonymoustaco Updated Sep 11

So what if Sonic and friends had Facebook? What kind of dumb things would they post? What kind of fights would they get into? 

I usually would never in a million years do something like this, but I've seen these around, and I haven't seen any for the crazy Sonic fandom.. So I decided to make one out of boredom! Seriously, I'm bored. (If there IS one lurking around somewhere that I haven't seen, oh well!~) 
I claim the first one~ 

>>>> Also, what I like about Burningstarlight's version is that she credited me even when she didn't have to. She also asked. 

But if you're legitimately going to copy me, my setup, and also my "plots" then please credit me with my name, otherwise, in that sense, you're just making an almost exact copy and that's just annoying to me and no fun for anyone to read. At least you can be original, right? <<<< 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Sonic franchise or any related chacters or places. If I did, we wouldn't have things like '06, and Sonamy would be the most official thing that was ever shipped.

RandiowLove RandiowLove 6 days ago
If I did that, I would be dead....I'm not allowed to have Facebook and I'm 14 :/
Cia_Meow Cia_Meow Sep 10
When I read Knuckles line I read chuckles your one to talk Amy your 12
Itochi331 Itochi331 May 28
Bruh it's 2017 XDD and wow, that spelling tho...XDD Knuckles you gotta enter a spelling contest
Gunyr99 Gunyr99 Aug 16, 2016
Ugh...tails is 8...shouldn't sonic be overprotective of tails and stuff, tails shouldn't have Facebook either
sonamyfan23451 sonamyfan23451 Sep 13, 2016
Hey! How come I don't get facebook. I'M 11! Tails and Charmy get them! Why cant I !? >:(
Dead-Account-Go-Away Dead-Account-Go-Away Jul 18, 2016
Oh mi goshhh! I read this book like twice now and I still can't stop reading it! Its toooo funny and fun!