Free! x Reader Boyfriend/Husband Scenarios

Free! x Reader Boyfriend/Husband Scenarios

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arcticpuffinx By arcticpuffinx Updated Jan 30, 2016

Also known as Free! Iwatobi Swim Club or Free! Eternal Summer. 

Suggestions for characters/scenarios open!

Characters include:

Haruka Nanase 
Makoto Tachibana 
Rin Matsuoka 
Nagisa Hazuki
Rei Ryūgazaki 
Sousuke Yamazaki 
Kisumi Shigino 
Momotaru Mikoshiba 
Seijuro Mikoshiba 
Nitori Aiichirou


PepsiPetra PepsiPetra Dec 28, 2016
Boring School Stuff that we will never use if our lives, but cuz the teachers doesnt have anything else to do, they just talk about random sh*t and make us suffer because seeing us students suffer makes them happy and forget about their own really sad boring pointless and miserble lives...
Annie_Crystal Annie_Crystal Jul 01, 2016
I thought I was actually putting a Quarter back from foot ball into a machine. xD
nerdyraccoongirl nerdyraccoongirl Sep 02, 2016
This is legitimate the story of my life !! Right here in writing. No joke I have a tall friend I have to take to the library with me.