The Alphas Abused Mate (on hold)

The Alphas Abused Mate (on hold)

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scottymcscotty By scottymcscotty Updated Jun 03, 2016

Lauren jauregui is a sweet girl. Good grades. Quiet. Always does what she's told. She is 17 years old. She's a hybrid, wolf and angel. The last ten years of her life she has been abused both mentally and physically by her adoptive father. 

Camila cabello can only be summed up in one word. Badass. Camila is the alpha of the Cabello pack. Even though she's a badass, she's not a player. She has spent the last two years looking for her mate and is starting to lose hope. 

But when she meets Lauren the new she wolf in town will she get everything she's been looking for? Or something too much to handle?

(On hold)

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Lolshadow21 Lolshadow21 Apr 06
I was dying at this pic and the one before 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Ssun-And-Moonn Ssun-And-Moonn Nov 18, 2017
This is your last warning steve. If you dont stop i will have no other solution than to call Dinah to poly beat u.
ErrorAccessDenied101 ErrorAccessDenied101 Aug 25, 2017
Ain't she a wolf and an angel she better bite that MF and send him to ally to get some help
OmarDean OmarDean Sep 01, 2017
"we keep behind closed doors
                              Everytime I see you I die a little more..."
CAMREN_CC7_LJ10 CAMREN_CC7_LJ10 4 days ago
Awwww don't worry LOLOBEAR soon enough you're CAMZI is going to meet and protect you😊😢😊
xxCosmic-Radiationxx xxCosmic-Radiationxx Oct 28, 2017
First of all I look and see Camila acting like a dork and then you say Lauren's being abused how am I supposed to take you seriously!? 😂