My Wolfe

My Wolfe

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ANGEL DEMON By loveyoureading Updated May 10

"What are you doing here ALONE?" he hissed
"I don't think its you property that i can't be here" i replied "and besides i don't think i need a babysitter"
"Don't you have manners, girl?" his eyes were raging with anger
"Dude, i show manners only to those who have the common scese to show it back" i stared at him with attitude " and why do you care about me here alone?"
"Because you are my--------"

Handsome, presumptuous, ruthless, filled with attitude, CEO,  and.... and most of all..... Werewolf alpha. Not just an ordinary alpha but royal alpha.

Cute, confident, strong, stubborn, innocent, human, student and..... and most of all..... Ashton's mate.

What happens when they meet?
What happens when their worlds collide?
What happens when he is forced to be away from her?
Lets find out with: MY WOLFE

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Auto correct hates everyone don’t worry. As long as you get your point across that’s all that matters. I love werewolf and human mate stories soooo excited. Ok imma go read this now. 😊😊😊
akankshx_ akankshx_ Oct 14, 2016
U moved up to rank 5! Congratulations n u might wanna update dat