Laro ng Tadhana - JaDine Fanfic

Laro ng Tadhana - JaDine Fanfic

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ji By thirstythoughts13 Updated 6 days ago

Many are so afraid to be inlove, to love, and to feel what love is. One of them is Nadine, a fragile, innocent girl, she's one of a kind, full of heart, and selfless, A guy's find, Very ideal. She may be hopeless romantic, unexperienced in relationships because she's been focusing on her passion and she loves it, though she's afraid to love yet believes in love and forever. Confusing alright, but Nadine is afraid... How do you even conquer the fear without doing it? She plays along whatever fate will lead her. 

James, who's been inlove in many times, many ways, can't just find the right person for him after like 2? 3? 4? relationships, It doesn't work out for him. He learned from every past and he'll never do it in the present. he changed his game, he doesn't find a girl for him because if it's meant to be it will happen, with the little help of fate and a twist of it.

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