Devil's Desire (18+)

Devil's Desire (18+)

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Ethan By FastAndDeep Updated Jan 24, 2016

"That's all you got?"

"I didn't even start and you are already breaking sweat." I snickered. He didn't look amused but suddenly had a smug smile on his face.

"Who hired you perrita? You can't even make a man want you. What good is a woman who can't even make a man want her?" He sniggered and opened his legs wider, inviting me.

And I did accept his invitation. I moved towards him and glided myself down the floor, till my face was in between his legs. I trailed my arms from his thighs as I slowly got up and slightly touched his erection, not once leaving eye contact.

And then I rose up completely and watched with satisfaction as his jaw twitched slightly. It looked like he was trying to control himself and I bit my tongue to stop myself from laughing out loud.

"A little excited, are we?" I couldn't smile but snicker at his expression. He gritted his teeth and his jaw clenched. For just a second, he closed his eyes and then when he opened them again, they were void of any emotion.

*Content Warning : Adult stuff & lots of smut! 18+ only*

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Jen-1982 Jen-1982 Mar 27, 2017
Great dedication and thanks. Y'all are amazing too :) Keep up the great work.
xQueenOfBlades xQueenOfBlades May 18, 2017
I don't know if you know this or not, but this is italicizes and the one below it isn't.
hitmanfreddy hitmanfreddy Feb 26, 2017
I know, but thanks for telling me that. You are amazing too, ftr
secretangel1234 secretangel1234 Aug 19, 2016
My neices first dance was a twirk lmao shes only 9 months and she can twirk already lmao