All Is Dust

All Is Dust

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[[Chosen as one of the winners for @scikick 's Sci-fi contest by @scifiwriter , author of Enhancement!]]

"Let's be nothing; I heard it lasts forever."

They spoke of days before. Of joy and nostalgia and sadness. Of how the hills were covered in grass, and how the sky shone with a radiant blue. How birds sang and buildings towered high into the sky, rippled in shiny metallic glory.

Now everything is grey. A desolate landscape where there is no life. Where dust is carried through the wind, as sharp as needle-prick knives. And one step outside tears you to shreds. Ribbons. If you don't die from that, you'll die from heat exhaustion.

At least, that's what I've been told.

The outside world is all they talk about, and they don't realize I have been listening. I latch on to every word formed by their hoarse voices. The only time they acknowledge my presence is to tell me never to go outside. Never. It's for my own protection, they say.

They say a lot of things.
But they have forgotten to tell me what would happen if I had no choice.

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