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Slow editing

" You have a next detention Mrs. Haylee "

" WHAT?! That's no fair sir"

" You know what isn't fair, you kissing me and stopping"

Haylee Mathews, just moved from Chicago. She is having a hard time making friends and it always leads up to bullying. This time, she actually makes a friend or 2.  She never has a hard time getting good grades though. That is until, her General Science teacher keeps failing her and distracting her. Mr. Hale

Mr.Hale, a 26 year old teacher with tons of secrets. A very smart young man, who could actually teach all subjects but specialize inside Science . A very handsome young man who can't stay out of trouble with his regular life. 
There's the second book added onto this one story down below, there's the description

TeacherxStudent II

  " I f*cking love you Haylee..." 

 " Well maybe I don't feel the same way!"

 Haylee and Mr.Hale is back. 2 months pregnant so far and her mother still doesn't know. How is she able to keep it away from her mother? You might ask, well she isn't properly showing yet and also, large hoodies and big jacket's always come in handy one day. We have a Mr.Hale who is still shock!

 What happen's when her whole family find's out?

 What happen's when the baby is born? 

 What happen when they find out the same person who has killed Bella is coming after Haylee and has been stalking her for years?

 What happen's when they also find out that the person who raped her is also trying to kill her?  

Cover created by the lovely MissRosa01

How will this go?
Read more to find out

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QueenGadget QueenGadget Jul 21
Wtf is she crying for?😒 sit yo over dramatic ass down somewhere
Are u calling the chapter boring or making an irrelevant comment
                              Sorry. If you don't know that song, its December by Neck Deep. Wonderful song, listen to it when you have the chance.
I love this so far. And is it weird the teacher is what I have my eye on as 'type'?
roxylove964 roxylove964 Feb 16
hoooooooooo man shiz just got reallllll!!! can you tell im liking this story i can
I have a 72 in haha! My room is kind of like that but my room is blue and I have full length Windows all along my far wall that leads to a balcony. That's what you get if you lived in Miami👌😆😜