Snow White » Stiles Stilinski [REALLY SOON]

Snow White » Stiles Stilinski [REALLY SOON]

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❛ velvet. ❜ By -crystalreed Updated Jan 24, 2016

❝You remind me of that princess Snow White.❞


❝Well you've got red lips. Hair black as ebony and skin white as snow.❞

❝Very flattering Stilinski but don't you worry. You also remind me of that prince with a cute baby blue jeep.❞

  Jade Bianca Winter is well known for her kindness and optimism-both of which act as her greatest strengths, as they've guided her safely through the various hardships faced throughout her life. She is quick to charm, winning the trust and admiration of Scott, Stiles and the rest of the pack rather quickly, proving her kindness and pleasant aura makes her a beloved figure. Coined as the "Fairest Girl", her beauty lies both within her physical appearance and pure heart. With no negativity within her, she is the physical embodiment of positivity and innocence.

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lalalalaisa lalalalaisa May 14
Amazing start! Already into it! looking forward to seeing more of your work. 2018.
merakis- merakis- Jun 28, 2016
I LOVE HALSEY AND ELLIE GOULDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xu-ivette xu-ivette Jul 25, 2016
Plz update I have a really good feeling about this book❤️😁