obsessed | Manurios Fernandez fanfic.

obsessed | Manurios Fernandez fanfic.

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Katie Never expected that she is a very lucky person. Though she never thought about it. After a few years being away from Manurios, first guy who she deeply in- love with, first guy who suffer her to sleep at night, first guy who hurt her, first guy that she love and forget who he was. 

So when she arrives at work she is deadpanned by facing a guy that she tries to forget. And Fernandez ended up being a person that she has to take a photograph of. 

The only problem is, Ríos is engaged with Tiffany.

As they were trying to make a step backwards but they kept on slipping forward. Katie is more than confused with Ríos slight behavior, she try to figure out whether she fight for the one she love or let him go marrying somebody and living happily ever after, when she execute herself to an unpleasant life. 

And then she met Archer, the handsome guy that stole her heart fulfill, she spent a lot times with him and little did she know she forgets about Ríos, she promise not to stop loving him but what can she do, there's nothing. All she have to do is move on. 

And what happen if Ríos want her back? Will she leave and hurt Archer to fulfill her love?

Sometimes your first love hurts a lot but they do better to the second. 



Late Update (please be patience, do not say I'm dead or something if I delay, everyone have their own reasons) 

There's may be grammatical mistakes and spellings.

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