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Erens POV

Once, every six months, the king sends his best soldiers into battle. He isn't the type of king who sits back and watched, he joins us in the fight. I am the second best fighter in his army, the first is Mikasa Ackerman, she has the most kills, about two hundred per battle, and has saved several lives. I have killed about one hundred thirty per battle, but I have only saved two lives, my friend Armin, and King Levi. Two years ago While in battle, he was shot in the knee and ganged up on, but I shot all the men in the headband retreated him to cover and later on brought him back to the castle and helped treat his wounds, ever since then I have been his favorite soldier.. Our next battle is against our battling land, they have underground titans hidden for war. Today is the day where we are two weeks away from that battle.

This morning I was told that captain Levi needed to see me.

Right now I'm packing up my stuff from my training room. 

My knuckles have blisters from the ...

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levixerenslut levixerenslut Dec 13, 2017
You got me arrrrr
                              You thought I had more to say nope 
                              Sorry I had to
Eren-Ackerman2352 Eren-Ackerman2352 Aug 25, 2017
He wants Erwin to want dat Jaeger booty, then Eren gonna kill him while they bout to have sex
_WhodatJimin_ _WhodatJimin_ Jul 24, 2017
The instant I read this I thought of Levi looking at his ass.
SugasMintyHair SugasMintyHair Aug 27, 2017
I thought it said "Erwin is a gay" I was like "well dayum.."
raxtus911 raxtus911 Oct 14, 2017
People in my pe class always call me Eren Jaeger and it gets very annoying
That was straight forward... not like them though! Eh? Eh? I'll leave.