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Erens POV

Once, every six months, the king sends his best soldiers into battle. He isn't the type of king who sits back and watched, he joins us in the fight. I am the second best fighter in his army, the first is Mikasa Ackerman, she has the most kills, about two hundred per battle, and has saved several lives. I have killed about one hundred thirty per battle, but I have only saved two lives, my friend Armin, and King Levi. Two years ago While in battle, he was shot in the knee and ganged up on, but I shot all the men in the headband retreated him to cover and later on brought him back to the castle and helped treat his wounds, ever since then I have been his favorite soldier.. Our next battle is against our battling land, they have underground titans hidden for war. Today is the day where we are two weeks away from that battle.

This morning I was told that captain Levi needed to see me.

Right now I'm packing up my stuff from my training room. 

My knuckles have blisters from the ...

Funnycakes7 Funnycakes7 May 29
I think they meant to say "Why couldn't that stupid horse face do this??"
-inclined -inclined Apr 03
╭☞ ͡ ͡° ͜   ͡ ͡°)╭☞
                                    \   .   .\
                                      \        \
                                       / ╰u╯\
                              Gotta be prepared
                              Now that was a weird comment.
LunarThorne LunarThorne Feb 21
                              Lol so saw the scroll bar XD
Now. Is Erwin actually dead, or is the villain magically going to come back to life just for plot development..?
                              Ahh the questions that keep me up at night.
Wait, why are we suddenly talking about Jean..? Where did he come in?