Death To The Light [MAJOR EDITING]

Death To The Light [MAJOR EDITING]

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"Why do you shut out everyone around you ?" He asked 
"Because everyone around me will get hurt" I answered 

Emma Widgeway, 17 years old, sister of Vanessa widgeway, comes back one day from school and discovers that her parents were murdered. The same night she gets a call that leads her to receive a letter. A letter that changes everything, will she be able to survive what is waiting for her ? Or will she end up losing the last bit of light in her life ? Will she be able to make it alone or will she have help ? If she did, will one of them catch her eye ?  

Sequel to DTTL is out, It's called 'Death in the Darkness'

highest ranking: #9 in Action 

Read to find out.

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Omfg I got a detention for that too ... I never serve it tho
zoepower23 zoepower23 May 26
Yeah well that's how they do in my country I don't know if it's different in other countries
if they're already dead and in body bags why are they putting them in an ambulance? is that how they transport bodies?
Braelynn10 Braelynn10 Mar 08
And by read I meant liked. It sucks that most readers can't find the time to click the little star at the bottom of the page.
Braelynn10 Braelynn10 Mar 08
You're a really good writer. The technical grammar stuff needs some work, but you're really talented. I'm surprised more people haven't read this. I hope your story gets some more attention. It seems really good so far. :-)
carlapires123 carlapires123 Apr 30, 2016
Promise does not last long sometimes I hope they won't get  hurt.