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The Snipers Vampire

The Snipers Vampire

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Anime_4_Life_2015 By Anime_4_Life_2015 Updated Feb 13

This is a reader x 10k story. If you don't know who 10k is he's the sexy dude on the cover from the tv show Z Nation. This is my first time writing a book so sorry if it sucks. 

(Y/n) is an 18 year old girl who was bitten and turned into a vampire before all hell broke loose in the world. (Y/n) sets out to find animals to hunt for a blood supply. She has been drained of her energy from the lack of blood. What happens when she becomes too weak and falls unconscious. Who will help her? Will her secret be found out? How will she get the blood she needs to stay strong? Find out in The Snipers Vampire.  

I do not own you or the characters of Z Nation. Just the story. Please enjoy :)

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