The rejected wolf

The rejected wolf

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Caitlin Thompson By CaitlinThompson629 Updated Jun 26, 2016

Alex moon is a nice girl as nice as a werewolf can be. When she was 7 her parents were killed by rouges. Her pack blamed her for there deaths. Even her twin brother Justin blamed her.

She is abused by her pack even the omegas bully her. On her sixteenth birthday she met her mate......the soon to be alpha Jace Hunter. When Jace finds out that Alex is his mate he rejects her.

When Alex's mate rejects her she is done that was the last straw. That night when the pack was having a birthday party for her brother she runs away. Only to find herself on the Territory of the strongest pack in the world the Red Demon pack.

They accept her in to the pack and she becomes the strongest werewolf in the world. But what happened when she has to go back and help train her old pack. They are in for a big surprise.

Mysterydude23 Mysterydude23 Oct 17, 2016
Can be improved like your spacing every time two people talk in dialogue try to space the story a bit.