Carl Grimes x Fem reader (Book 1)

Carl Grimes x Fem reader (Book 1)

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N By Smol-Bean-Dean Completed

-By popular request-
**My username was -Swimmer- when I made this now it's changed***

As Carl and his group slowly and painfully survive the apocalypse, turns out someone else was too. 
(Y/n) was living in what was left of the world alone, hungry... but not scared. When (Y/n) meets Carl and his group its the last thing she thought she would be scared of...
Trusting people.
And most importantly, falling in love.

Book 2 is now out

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foxylover49 foxylover49 Apr 08
My friend and i were listening to a song called Carl Poppa. We then yelled, "CEEEEEERRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLL!"
alycat291 alycat291 Apr 10 THOMAS ROBBIE NOOO 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
top_islife top_islife Mar 27
Me *sees Carl/Chandler* now that is a glow up!!💜💜💜💜💜
foxylover49 foxylover49 Apr 08
Speakimg of ships, what is Carol and Daryl's ship name? 
                              Daryl is Carol
                              Carol is Daryl
                              A match that's made in hell!
                              (I thought it was in, not is)
jackymoris jackymoris Apr 02
My heart just AHHHH. I’m- I can’t ugh.  That would win me over
MyaKinard MyaKinard Mar 13
Even longer hair then I already have.....HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE