The Punk And The Geek // Septiplier Completed

The Punk And The Geek // Septiplier Completed

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Haunts By TheHauntedAuthor Completed

(WARNING!!: This is my first fanfiction so it's REALLY cringey)

Jack is the punk in the school. The kid with all of the piercings. The kid with all of the tattoos. The kid everybody dislikes...

Mark is the popular kid in school. Well, more of a popular geek. Flower crowns are his thing, and believe it or not, nobody makes fun of him for wearing them.

But what happens when Mark and Jack get chosen to do a project together?

Warning: Mentions of suicide, abuse, cussing, self harm, homophobes, bullying, cyber bullying, boyXboy, and fluff.

 ☆ C O M P L E T E D ☆

Nazlanmark Nazlanmark Jul 29, 2016
- gets bandaids and 911 on speed dial- I'm going to need this for my heart.
SamkmDoggo SamkmDoggo Aug 14, 2016
*reads warning* meh I've red stuff like this a lot *raven flash back* wait hold up I don't think my emotions can handle this amount of feels *reads anyways*
seanwmcloughlinlover seanwmcloughlinlover Nov 24, 2016
wait...suicide? or suicidal thoughts? Please don't let my baby Seán or my other baby Mark die, please???
MysticMisery MysticMisery Aug 07, 2016
"Ye really must get yourself a girlfriend Merk," Jack growls as Mark pull him against his chest. "Nah, I'm okay with the gay," Mark responds, smirking at Jack's annoyed look before kissing him roughly.
youtubeobsessed_ youtubeobsessed_ Sep 02, 2016
I love how it says "cutting, self-harm, suicidal thoughts/suicide" and then just "And some fluff!" All those bad things and then just innocently saying fluff lmao
IFukkedUrMom IFukkedUrMom Jul 13, 2016
That's what I'd like to look like, but my ear holes are nearly closed up, I get really bad allergies so I'm always sneezing so no nose piercing. I would like to get snake bites one day though.